As humans we are social beings which means that we are born with the capacity to develop strong and enduring emotional bonds with those we are close with. This begins in infancy and continues into our adult relationships. When as an adult we form a relationship with another, we become bonded to that person as someone who is accessible, responsive and present. In this partnership, each person wants to believe that the other is there for them, no matter what.
— Susan Thau, PhD

Dr. Thau is available to speak to schools, organizations, and retreats. Her expertise lies in wellness, self-care, and relationships. She has decades of experiences treating clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, and can be trusted to combine warm, personal stories with the latest findings from her work and current research. Dr. Thau was a founding member of the Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focuses Therapy; collaborated on “Caught in the Struggle”, a project which was released for national and international sale by the International Center for Excellence in EFT; and contributed to a documentary released in 2017, “Living Love That Lasts”.

Dr. Thau offers a wealth of experience that informs her diverse educational background and clinical expertise. To learn more about Dr. Thau’s past speaking engagements, most-requested lectures, and CV, send her an email.